eOriginal Reduces Marketing & Sales Inefficiencies with Enablix
Content Discovery has Never Been Easier
A pioneer in the digital transaction management market, eOriginal has been experiencing exceptional growth. In fact, in just the last four years alone the company quadrupled in size. However, as the business grew so did the quantity of their marketing assets.
With content being created online and no structure in place for easy search and access, sales reps increasingly turned to marketing to locate the right content. Scott Shepherd, Director of Marketing, quickly realized that a solution was needed to bring clarity to their assets and reduce marketing and sales inefficiencies. The solution also had to have the ability to easily scale to meet the increasing needs of their growing business.
One-Stop-Shop for all Sales, Marketing and Partner Content
At the suggestion of one of their consultants, Scott reached out to Enablix. At first contact, he knew they would never find anything better. With an appealing price point, the Enablix solution delivered the services and customization eOriginal needed, while allowing them to scale to keep pace with changing business needs.
Although core users consists primarily of sales and marketing personnel, Enablix' s centralized hub allows eOriginal to efficiently house marketing approved content such as white papers, sales sheets, case studies and newsletters, as well as videos, market research and internal educational documents - which are shared across the entire organization. eOriginal marketing team continually conducts research on their vertical markets, and the results of their findings are developed into internal webinars to train employees. These webinars are then posted on their Enablix content hub for repeat viewing or consideration when time allows. This single repository of content has simplified asset discovery, empowering sales teams and improving marketing efficiency.
With improved communication and clarity on where the newest approved content resides, eOriginal has benefited from a dramatic uptake in content adoption, as well as gaining a robust tracking mechanism to better understand what content is being used and what is not.
By simplifying content tracking and reporting, asset maintenance has never been easier - further improving marketing efficiency and enabling them to provide the content sales requires. Internal employees aren't the only ones benefiting from Enablix's content management solution. They recently launched a partner portal, which allows their partners to access the system to acquire mutually agreed upon content.
Simplicity is Key for Fast Adoption
From fast set-up to a virtually non-existent learning curve, transition to the system can only be described in a single word - smooth. Enablix's simple user interface (UI) ensures access is intuitive and straightforward, while its flexibility and visual effectiveness continues to foster an ongoing increase in usage and adoption.
"The Enablix support staff is amazing and the flexibility and intuitiveness of the system provides an easy onboarding process, enabling us to be much more aligned on content and messaging." - Scott Shepherd, Director of Marketing
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